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'Valier at Work' launches

By Keith Berman
Updated 5 Hour(s) 11 Minute(s) ago

1330 Networks, which was formed when consultant Gary Berkowitz and JAM Creative Productions president Jonathan Wolfert joined forces, has officially launched. The company has rolled out the first in its lineup of syndicated dayparts: "Valier at Work," a five-hour midday show designed for AC stations helmed by Valier Smith. Smith, whose first name is pronounced "va-LEER," has 20 years of on-air and voiceover experience under her belt, including nine years at CBS AC KVIL/Dallas, and she'll do the show out of JAM Creative's Dallas studios.

Berkowitz will program the show and handle affiliate relations from his home base in Detroit, where he'll also continue operating his Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting.

"When we saw what was happening with the economy, both Jon and I realized that the time was right to produce and syndicate a high-quality show with a great air talent that could run all day on an AC station," says Berkowitz. "Valier Smith has the warmth and personality to bring this show to life. Best of all, the show will fit right into the station, maintaining a more-music presentation and also providing a personality to sell its unique listener benefits. Our goal is to have Valier affiliates be No. 1 with at-work listening."